We want to give a quality service to our customers. Transport and distribution are key factors in the current market; in this way Cándido is totally committed to certifying the quality and guarantees of our services.


We offer security in all processes; loading, storage, movement and download, as well as continuous monitoring of all of them.


We are in constant evolution, updating all variables according to changes in legislation or protocols.


We want everybody to be aware of the importance of training, prevention of occupational risks, avoidance of accidents, etc. both working or driving. The so-called GOAL ZERO.

On Time

We are prepared and ready to offer our services in unforeseen moments or setbacks. If necessary, loads can be delivered throughout the peninsula within 24 hours.


Transport of dangerous goods

UN Class 2.1
LPG bottles
UN Class 3
Flammable liquids
UN Class 5.1
Oxidising agents
UN Class 8
UN Class 2.1
Flammable gas
UN Class 4.1
Flammable solids
UN Class 5.2
Organic peroxides
UN Class 9
Miscellaneous dangerous substances and articles
UN Class 2.2
Non flammable non toxic compressed gas
UN Class 4.2
Spontaneously combustible
UN Class 6.1
Dangerous for the
UN Class 2.3
Toxic gas
UN Class 4.3
Dangerous when wet
UN Class 6.2

Chemical Industry

Our holding business group made by Transportes Candido 2000 S.L and Logistica Candido S.L, base its business in many years of experience working in the transport field dealing with companies nearby our operation headquarters. This trade has provide us a great experience and knowledge of the local business needs on the transport sector been our more remarkable expertise the chemical transport sector.

Our Chemical Transport business holds 80% of our company activity, meaning that our holding business group deals and works with nearly most of the chemical business companies based in Tarragona and surrounding areas. To be able to accomplish ours business goals and also the needs of our clients, our organisation has been always adapting and enhancing our fleet of pallet transport trucks to meet up security standards, ADR Transport or industrial waste transportation.

Our business clients are also coming from other type of industries, like construction industry, food sector and other auxiliary sectors. Our goals always had been to be innovative and adaptable, to meet clients high standards and business needs, preparing our truck fleet to be versatile, all together to offer our clients a broad type of high quality transport services.

Industrial Waste Transportation

Another field in which we are specialized in is the management and transport of INDUSTRIAL WASTE. All our trucks are enabled for moving industrial waste, no matter if it is hazardous or not. We are authorized by the AGENCIA DE RESIDUS DE CATALUNYA, for almost all classes and groups of waste. We also have the permission and the authorization in Community of Valencia and Castilla La Mancha. These authorizations allow us to move residual products at a national level.

We are specialists in this kind of transport. This is because since the old JUNTA DE RESIDUS of the Generalitat de Catalunya was created, 30 years ago, we bet for this field and speciality adapting all our fleet vehicle, to have a great versatility both in trailer trucks and auto-loading-ramp trucks.

Currently, we are working for the whole chemical industry sector, retiring such waste and moving it to specialized locations, and for an important number of companies which need and require these services.


Comprehensive services in transport and logistics


Professional and Experience

In the transport area, we have an experience over 40 years in different types of transport and they have part of our group CANDIDO, since 1998, the year wich our company was founded with the intention of adapting to new techniques of transport.

The selection of drivers and staff, along with adequate training allows us to have professional, modern, young and trained in the knowledge of transport and its risks, interpreting all kinds of information, both terrestrial transport as sea and air. The awareness training in Occupational Risk Prevention to prevent accidents, some client called GOAL ZERO, but much needed to avoid accidents of all kinds, both working as circulation.


Our Trailers

It has an extensive and renewed fleet of modern vehicles, almost all of the standard Euro 5 and Euro 6, both own and outsourced contributors throughout the Spanish territory.

We have our own vehicles with capacity of 25-26 tonnes and vehicles type 3-axis auto-lifting ramp loaded with cargo capacity of up to 16 mt., All with authorization dangerous goods as well as transportation waste classes above and obviously all types of palletised goods..

Our response is immediate and we direct services to clients with an answer of 2 to 3 hours to 24 hours maximum Catalonia and the rest of Spain. Our specialist area is the range of up to 600 kilometers, but reach the rest of the peninsula, although the rules governing the driving time in 36/48 hours in zones 700 to 1000 kilometers.

Do you want to know the traffic conditions?

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