Corporate Social Responsibility Policy


LOGISTICA CANDIDO, S .L. and TRANSPORTES CANDIDO 2000, S.L. Organization dedicated to the Transport of Goods by Road, in regular services of general cargo, as well as the provision of regular services of special and discretionary use, wishes to maintain a commitment with the surrounding environment. With this aim, it has developed a Management System of Social Responsibility that seeks to regulate relations with all the interest groups affected by the Organization, directing the activity towards the continuous improvement of the Company itself and the interest groups interrelated with it. It is the desire of the Organization to maintain a sustainable, ethical, transparent and responsible company in economic, labor, social and environmental matters, remaining fully integrated with the society that surrounds it.

Proof of the commitment maintained with society and with the most significant aspects of management, LOGISTICA CANDIDO, S.L. and TRANSPORTES CANDIDO 2000, S.L.have developed an Integrated Policy on Quality Management, Environment, Safety & Health at Work, Transport Safety and Social Responsibility. Through this mentioned policy, the Organization assures to maintain a Management System based on the continuous improvement of controlling each organization’s process. This Policy also indicates the responsible commitment of the Organization with various aspects such as: the maximization of customer satisfaction, environmental protection, safety in the transport of goods, safety in the day-to-day work of employees and consideration of the social impacts generated by the activity of the Organization, such as Professional development, wealth creation for the surrounding society among others; All this in a framework of transparency and adopting the best practices of corporate governance.

The Company has designed a "Code of Ethics" as a declaration of intent, mandatory for all workers, managers and administrators of the Organization, giving up the ethical action in the development of their daily activities.
LOGISTICA CANDIDO, S.L. and TRANSPORTES CANDIDO 2000, S.L. Have also developed a "Code of Good Governance and Anti-Corruption Policy" which shows concern for honesty and efficiency when considering corporate governance practices. In addition, the Organization shows concern with the compliment of the legal requirements and various requirements internally claimed voluntarily, with the objective of practicing transparent, honest and efficient management, while respecting loyalty of shareholders, investors and partners, in addition to the commitments made with other groups of interest.

Any action or decision that is taken against the aforementioned "Code of Ethics" or "Code of Good Governance and Anti-Corruption Policy", must be communicated to the Organization accompanied by the proper evidence, so that it may take appropriate corrective or disciplinary measures.
The Board of Directors of LOGISTICA CANDIDO, S .L. and TRANSPORTES CANDIDO 2000, S.L. A company dedicated to the Transport of Goods by Road, in regular general cargo services, as well as the provision of regular services of special and discretionary use, considers that Quality is an essential factor for the success of the Company, and that each person of the Organization is responsible for the role it performs.
Likewise, LOGISTICA CANDIDO, S .L. and TRANSPORTES CANDIDO 2000, SL considers as a priority the performance of its activities with maximum safety for the health of its workers pursuing the maximum respect and care of the surrounding environment, while promoting the sustainable development of the Society in response to the needs and expectations of the different interest groups of the Organization.

For the achievement of these purposes, LOGISTICA CANDIDO, S .L. and TRANSPORTES CANDIDO 2000, establish an Integrated Policy of Quality, Environmental Management, Safety, Health at Work, and Social Responsibility in which the following principles and commitments are signed:

  • Continuous improvement of its activities and processes within the framework of the Integrated System of Quality, Environmental Management, Safety, Occupational Health and Social Responsibility, for which the Organization will establish, implement and maintain documented objectives at the relevant levels and functions within the organization.
  • The final quality of the service rendered to the client is the best result of the planned and systematic actions of prevention, detection, correction and continuous improvement during the exercise of our activity.
  • The contractual requirements, the wishes and the expectations of the customers are the criteria to establish the pattern of the Quality of our services, always trying to match the expected Quality with the quality perceived by them.
  • Creation and maintenance of communication channels with stakeholders, to understand their requirements and expectations and to be able to move towards their satisfaction.
  • Compliance with the Legal, Regulatory, Requirements established in the Reference Norms, as well as other requirements voluntarily assumed by the Organization, in terms of Quality of Service provided, Environment, Safety and Health of workers, Social Responsibility and Security In Transport both by LOGISTICA CANDIDO, S .L. and TRANSPORTES CANDIDO 2000, S.L. as well as subcontractors working on their premises, or on behalf of the Organization.
  • Respect the universal rights and principles, as well as the general principles of social responsibility management.
  • Prevent accidents and incidents that damage the physical and mental integrity of the different groups of interest that interact with the Organization.
  • Commitment to be continuously improving the effectiveness of the Quality Management System, Environmental Management, Occupational Health and Safety Management, Social Responsibility Management and Transportation Safety Management.
  • Each employee is responsible for the performance of his or her activity within the framework of the Integrated Management System. The Directorate is responsible for promoting the implementation of the Policy and the Objectives of Quality, Environment, Safety and Health of workers and Social Responsibility, checking their correct achievement and implementation through audits, thus ensuring the commitment of continuous improvement.
  • Complete training and qualification of personnel to assure the correct development of their tasks, in accordance with the requirements of the Integrated Management System.
  • Provision of action procedures in the event of a critical situation or accident that may have Environmental consequences, or for Occupational Safety and Health.
  • Use of the best clean available technologies, of viable economic application.
  • Rationalization of the consumption of natural resources, prevention and minimization in the generation of residues, vibrations, liquid spills and atmospheric emissions.
  • Collaboration with the public authorities, and information to the public of the activities carried out, ensuring transparency, ethics and proper management of risks.
  • Commitment to act under the Prevention of Damage and against the deterioration of health.
  • Provision of services in which, in addition to the quality received, security is a fundamental aspect and an objective during the development of the service.
  • Communicate this Policy to all of the Organization's staff, subcontractors and suppliers, and keep it public.

The different Departments of LOGISTICA CANDIDO, S.L. and TRANSPORTES CANDIDO 2000, S.L. have developed a MANUAL OF QUALITY, ENVIRONMENT, SAFETY AND HEALTH MANAGEMENT as well as a manual of TRANSPORT SAFETY MANAGEMENT. Both companies have also developed several procedures based on UNE-EN-ISO9001: 2008 standards Evaluation Criteria in order to achieve the objectives of quality, competitiveness, respect for the Environment, Safety & Health of Workers, Social Responsibility and Transportation Safety, each employee being responsible for following up and complying with those procedures and instructions that affect their daily performance.



An ethical code is a set of guidelines that aim to establish acceptable behaviors for the members of a group, association, or profession. Since its establishment LOGÍSTICA CANDIDO, S.L. and TRANSPORTES CANDIDO 2000, S.L., have been guided by the needs and expectations of the clients, in order to offer them a service that generates the maximum satisfaction to the users, fulfilling at the same time with their expectations.

This commitment to quality has been linked to respect for the environment, safety and health at work, safety in the transport of goods, while maintaining a social responsibility, transmitted in the sustainable development of the environment.

Customers, suppliers, public bodies and society in general require higher levels of responsibility from companies. For this, LOGÍSTICA CANDIDO, S.L. and TRANSPORTES CÁNDIDO 2000, S.L. demand to all their employees and subcontractors the duty to maintain levels of integrity, responsibility and respect.
The main purpose of this Code of Ethics is to inform the workers and their subcontractors of the values and principles required by the Code for the development of their daily activities.

This Code of Ethics, is a declaration of intent of LOGÍSTICA CANDIDO, S.L. and TRANSPORTES CANDIDO 2000, S.L. Being mandatory for all workers, managers, administrators, so it is imperative that it be read, understood and shared. Discharging the ethical action in the development of their daily activities, beyond legal compliance.



LOGÍSTICA CANDIDO, S.L. and TRANSPORTES CANDIDO 2000, S.L. define a set of "Corporate Values", which must be understood, assumed and fulfilled by all persons belonging to the Organization or related to it, in order to comply with the purposes and commitments established by the Company:

  • Orientation to customer satisfaction. Commitment to meeting the needs of customers.
  • Commitments with results. Determination of objectives aimed at meeting the needs and expectations of users.
  •  Commitment to the Environment. Committed with the sustainable development of the Organization by minimizing pollution.
  •  Promotion of professional development. Commitment to offer a complete and proper train adapted to the staff’ needs.
  •  Commitment to Safety and Health at work. Commitment to act under the Prevention of damages and against the deterioration of health.
  •  Commitment to Safety in the transport of goods. Commitment to guarantee the conditions that denote a service of maximum confidence towards the clients.

The "Corporate Values" established by LOGISTIA CANDIDO, S.L. and TRANSPORTES CANDIDO 2000. S.L. are intended to define the aspects in which people establish their conditions and relationships in their work activity as professionals.

The fulfillment of these values is the foundation of the Ethics established by LOGÍSTICA CANDIDO, S.L. and TRANSPORTES CANDIDO 2000, S.L. Therefore, they must be complied and respected while guiding all the daily actions of the Company's workers.
The present Ethical Code aims to present the set of principles and recommendations of behavior that will contribute to a responsible ethical management in the development of daily activity.Its application will contribute to the fact that results obtained are consistent with the legislation of application and with the image the Company wants to show both internally and externally. This code of ethics is mandatory for all employees assigned to LOGISTICA CANDIDO, S.L. and TRANSPORTES CANDIDO 2000, S.L. Independent of the hierarchical level, seniority or commitment with the company.

All employees of LOGÍSTICA CANDIDO, S.L. and TRANSPORTES CANDIDO 2000, S.L. Have participated in the design of this code, reviewing, consulting and / or providing comments and suggestions before its approval.The present code constitutes a regulatory instrument in the sense of establishing the guidelines of behavior and guidelines in the different fields of action of LOGISTICA CANDIDO, S.L. and TRANSPORTES CANDIDO 2000, S.L. At the same time, it is a guideline to be used when making decisions in certain situations that different employees can find.



The principles and guidelines to be followed by LOGÍSTICA CANDIDO, S.L. and TRANSPORTES CANDIDO 2000, S.L. workers in the development of their functions and responsibilities, in all professional fields in which the Organization is represented.

  1. Professional behavior, respectable and loyal to the Company:

Respect for legislation, integrity, accountability and transparency are aspects of unjustifiable non-compliance. Likewise, respect, dignity, non-discrimination and ethical behavior are key to create a healthy relationship with all stakeholders that will allow us to establish cooperation and development channels.
The Company undertakes to:
Compliance with legislation
Commitment to compliance with the applicable legislation in all its areas and to do so when the work or activities are carried out through a third party. These aspects are inexcusable and relevant premises to create an image of involvement and responsibility in the defense of society and the People who form it.

Integrity, responsibility and transparency
The employees, managers and administrators of LOGISTICA CANDIDO, S.L. and TRANSPORTES CANDIDO 2000, S.L. Are committed to fulfill their functions and responsibilities in compliance with the established procedures. Disqualifications or criticisms that may undermine their stability will be avoided. All this will result in a reputation as an integrating company, respectful with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders with whom it is related. The people will be committed to show transparency in the development of their activity.
The commitment not to transmit or disseminate any type of private or confidential information of the Company itself and of participants or organizations related to the Company must be maintained.

Respect, dignity and non-discrimination
It is mandatory for all workers of LOGISTICA CANDIDO, S.L. and TRANSPORTES CANDIDO 2000, S.L. to show respect and courtesy towards colleagues, customers or other groups of interest with whom some type of relationship may occur. The pillars of a fruitful and satisfactory relationship are, basically, respect for the dignity of persons, equal opportunities, dialogue and the absence of discriminatory or derogatory behavior. A pleasant and respectful environment is a right that all workers of LOGISTICA CANDIDO, S.L. and TRANSPORTES CANDIDO 2000, S.L. must comply with.
Any kind of threats, acts of violence or intimidation will not be tolerated. Neither abusive, harassing or offensive behavior, whether verbal or physical, nor any kind of discrimination or aggravation by race, sex, age, nationality, religion or opinion will be permitted in any personal or group condition or circumstance.

Ethical behavior
Ethical behavior must be present during the development of the work activity, as in the decisions taken or intervened, along with the relationships that are maintained in the professional field, in addition to complying with legal obligations.

  1. Decent and pleasant work environment

The good and safe working conditions are for LOGISTICA CANDIDO, S.L. and TRANSPORTES CANDIDO 2000, S.L. Basic elements in the creation of a work environment, alluding equally to the protection of health, respect and equal opportunities.
The Company undertakes to:
Ordered workstation
To keep workplaces clean and tidy is mandatory. A job or area without order will difficult to properly manage functions, responsibilities and resources so it is crucial to maintain order and organization.

Occupational Health & Safety
The occupational health and safety of the people are elements of special attention in the development of the activity. Therefore, the instructions of the Occupational Risk Prevention Officer must be followed, making use of the individual protection instruments.

Absence of illegal drugs
In the Company's premises, the possession, distribution or consumption of all types of drugs is strictly prohibited. There is also a ban on smoking inside the premises. Incorporation to work under the influence of alcohol or any type of drugs is strictly prohibited.

  1. Conflicts of interest

Conflicts of interest arise when there is a circumstance or situation in which the individual interest of each worker differs from the interests of the Company.
The personnel that detect any indication of labor conflict in LOGISTICA CANDIDO, S.L. and TRANSPORTES CANDIDO 2000, S.L. must communicate it to the Department Officers, in order to be resolved with the greatest speed and efficiency.
All actions or decisions involving the Company's personnel must be geared to maintaining the continuity and prosperity of the Company, in addition to maximizing customer satisfaction, respect for the environment, promote occupational safety and health, safety in transport and the sustainable development of society.

The Company undertakes to:

External Occupation
No activity or service rendered outside the employment relationship with LOGISTICA CANDIDO, S.L. and TRANSPORTES CANDIDO 2000, S.L., must represent a loss of efficiency or productivity in the workplace. Neither to provide services in another entity related to the Public Transport of Goods by road, in order to avoid conflicts of interest, or to maintain commercial relations with Companies that have personal or family interests, without informing the Management.

Confidential information.
If, for work reasons, you have confidential information or information to be used for your own benefit, it should not be used under any circumstances. Its improper use can put the Company in a complicated situation, which can even generate an economic conflict. The confidential information will be protected avoiding its acknowledgment by people outside the Company.
No gifts, loans or invitations from third parties that may cause loss of independence and objectivity in professional relationships will be admitted.

  1. Business relations

All groups of interest (shareholders, clients, suppliers, administrations ...) that are interrelated with LOGISTICA CANDIDO, S.L. and TRANSPORTES CANDIDO 2000, S.L. are key in the diffusion, maintenance and evolution of the Company's image. Therefore, relations with these should be frank, loyal, respectful and ethical.
Of special relevance are the relationships with suppliers and customers given that are the ones that have a greater contact with the processes of the Company. As regards clients, there must be a commitment to provide them with a service that generates the maximum satisfaction, attending to their needs and requirements. For suppliers concern, purchasing decisions should be made based on the quality of products, cost of supplies, and their behavior towards the environment and society.

Fraudulent practices or deceptive promises
Stakeholders have the right to receive truthful, concrete and timely-established information. In the relations with the different interest groups, there will not be false promises or statements whose decision does not fall on the person who makes them or who compromise the image of the Company.
All personnel of the Organization shall ensure the integrity of the contract, ensuring that during the validity of contracts with Suppliers and Clients, the established criteria are met.

Bribes, corruption and illegal commissions.
Any practice of corruption, bribery and concessions of situations of favor or irregularities are strictly prohibited. The staff of LOGISTICA CANDIDO, S.L. and TRANSPORTES CANDIDO 2000, S.L., undertakes not to solicit, accept and offer any type of payment or illegal commission, which are outside of their professional responsibilities.

Privacy and data protection.
All personal data received by LOGISTICA CANDIDO, S.L. and TRANSPORTES CANDIDO 2000, S.L. (Clients, resumes, suppliers ...) will be kept in total privacy, since they are basic groups of interests, crucial for the continuity of the Company.

  1. Conservation of the Company's facilities, vehicles, assets and resources

The reliability and maintenance of the Resources is an elementary aspect in the continuity of the Company. The care, order and state of the facilities and vehicles are an essential part in the correct rendering of service. The misuse or overuse of resources increases the environmental impact, so it is a basic characteristic of the organization to assure the correct maintenance of facilities, vehicles, assets, knowledge and efficiency in the use of resources.

The Company undertakes to:

Maintenance and use of the facilities, vehicles and equipment.

All employees of LOGISTICA CANDIDO, S.L. and TRANSPORTES CANDIDO 2000, S.L. are obliged to keep tidy the working environment, besides having it ordered and in safe conditions. Therefore, deviations detected in facilities, vehicles or jobs should be reported to the Responsible Person, since any kind of present disorder or malfunction may generate unnecessary expenses or may even suppose a potential risk of accident or injury. This will help to maintain a decent, comfortable and safe job and workplace.

Use of data and information systems
The use of e-mail and internet tools must be adequate to the development of the post and associated functions. They will not be used in an abusive way for own benefit, nor for actions that could affect the Company's image.
Neither will they be used to commit illegal acts or infringe the guidelines set by the Company, and those set out in this ethical code. You will only access the computer systems to which you are authorized, you will not install, use or distribute any type of software that may affect the security of the systems or take actions that allow the entry of computer viruses. It is strictly prohibited to make unauthorized copies of computer programs.

Robbery or improper appropriation of assets or information
All workers must safeguard the assets and tools belonging to LOGISTICA CANDIDO, S.L. and TRANSPORTES CANDIDO 2000, S.L., as well as those of third parties that are in the facilities of the Company. This field covers not only the protection against unauthorized uses but also the theft and its use for illegal or inappropriate purposes.
The removal, elimination or destruction of value assets of the company is prohibited, except for those who are responsible of that task.
All information contained in physical media (paper, cardboard ...) or in computer media is part of the knowledge and value of the Company and therefore of its property. Thus, it cannot be sold, ceded or appropriated without the authorization of the management.

  1. Collaborate with the reduction of environmental impact and with the support of society’s development

Avoiding pollution, not wasting resources, evading degradation of the environment and global warming, as well as maintaining the care of flora and fauna, are essential aspects in the daily work of the Company. Social inequalities, hunger problems, catastrophes are elements that the Company will also support in order to reduce their impact.
The Company undertakes to:

Efficient use of energy and resources. Compliance with the Manual of Good Environmental Practices.
The workers of LOGISTICA CANDIDO, S.L. and TRANSPORTES CANDIDO 2000, S.L. will assume the principles contained in the Manual of Good Environmental Practices. Its respect and compliance ensures the minimization of environmental impact and the rational use of resources. Each employee must be responsible of the consumption of each resource utilized, making efficient use, without losses or wastes.

Environmental respect
Respect for the environment, its flora, fauna, atmosphere and surrounding in general, minimizing any impact we generate during the activity, creates well-being and is the basis for sustainable development.

Collaboration in the development of the Society
LOGISTICA CANDIDO, S.L. and TRANSPORTES CANDIDO 2000, S.L., are committed to the development of society. An active and committed behavior will serve to achieve an ethical and responsible Company, involved in sustainable development.
Society problems and the support requested by governmental and non-governmental organizations are elements to be taken into account in a responsible organization with the intention of being integrated into civil society.
The Manual of Good Environmental Practices will develop actions and projects that reduce social problems and needs in a transparent way. In this vain, the organization’s development and economic growth will be harmonious with society.

  1. The Company as the main nucleus

In today's socio-economic world, companies are centers of professional, economic and social development. This explains the direct and lineal relation between the increase of wealth in a company with the increase of welfare and prosperity of its surrounding.

The Company undertakes to:

Orientation to continuous improvement
The commitment to management is based on efficient systems and processes, systematic search for improvement, identification and application of best practices and internal analysis of the results obtained. The integrated management and prioritization of these activities is the main channel to ensure the permanence and growth of the Company.

Responsibility for actions taken
In front of demands and consequences of carried out actions or achieved results, respect, attention and appropriate responses will be shown. The rational and reflexive analysis of the circumstances that triggered them and the transmission of a frank, ethical, fast and committed response will be offered to the interested parts.

Fair competition
Competition with other Companies should be fair and loyal, based on the search for differentiation with the use of licit weapons. The advertising used will always be linked to the truth, without lying, praising the service itself, without lowering or denigrating other competitors.



In order to exemplify what it considers violations of the Code of Ethics, the following concepts are included:
• Failure to comply with legal provisions.
• Neglecting the policies, norms or practices established for the correct performance of the work.
• Committing sexual harassment among Company personnel.
• Evidence of drug or alcohol intoxication and / or immoral behavior on Company premises.
• Discriminate, threaten, intimidate and harass people because of race, color, sex, age, origin, beliefs, sexual preference, physical ability, ideology or opinion.
• Failure to comply with safety regulations that endanger the life of the Company's personnel or assets.
• Denounce an innocent person in bad faith or for non-fair reasons
• Consume, transport, distribute, sell or possess any prohibited drugs.
• Compromise legally the Company or any partner, without authorization or evidence for such purposes.
• Ignoring or failing to report violations of the Code.
• To carry out operations for personal, family or third party benefit, to the detriment of the Company.
This document will be periodically reviewed with the aim of adjusting its requirements to the needs of the Company and its relationship with the environment.



The Anti-Corruption Policy of the Manual of Good Environmental Practices is a tool to guide all the activities of the Company towards the principles of honesty, ethics and transparency.
This Anti-Corruption Policy applies to all employees, directors, managers, or entities associated with the Organization. Likewise, all the members of the Organization have the obligation to act in accordance with the different Corporate Values, the Code of Ethics, Company Policies and the Objectives.


All the workers of LOGISTICA CANDIDO, S .L. and TRANSPORTES CANDIDO 2000, S.L must remain faithful to the statement of working against corruption in all its forms and in all areas of activity, preserving the values of transparency, honesty and trust. In the same way, the Organization will maintain the principles of having a transparent accounting system and the fight against money laundering.
Any person or entity associated with LOGISTICA CANDIDO, S.L. and TRANSPORTES CANDIDO 2000, S.L., will not offer, pay, promise, authorize, or receive bribes, incentives, or other legal payment or benefit, from any person, natural or legal, for the purpose of:

  • Influence in any act or decision.
  • Inducing a third party to commit or omit any action that would violate their duties.
  • Ensure some undue advantage.
  • To induce a third party to use its influence and affect the decision of another agent in order that LOGISTICA CANDIDO, S.L. and TRANSPORTES CANDIDO 2000, S.L, its employees, representatives and related persons, obtain or maintain any type of business relationship.

Invitations to public functions and events will be strictly for interests and professional relationships, with the main objective of creating or maintaining pleasant, professional and respectful ties between the parties.

In the same way, it is forbidden:

  • Non-adequate gifts, travel and recreation or recreation expenses incurred in favor of third parties.
  • Donations made for, or for the benefit of, Public Administration officials.

Without this list being exhaustive and restrictive, serious cases of violation of the Anti-Corruption Policy are understood and, therefore, must be immediately denounced, the following cases:

  • Requests or suggestions for bribery by public officials.
  • Requests or suggestions for the Organization to make donations to a particular charity or foundation, by public offices.
  • Requests for contracting of works or services by public positions offered by third parties.
  • The requirement by a public office to retain a certain worker, or dependent of LOGISTICA CANDIDO, S.L. and TRANSPORTES CANDIDO 2000, S.L. or improve their contractual conditions.
  • Any request for extraordinary or excessive payment, such as over-estimated payments, advances or irregular commissions, requests for payments to third parties, payments to foreign bank accounts, cash or other forms of transfers difficult to track.
  • Third parties with which the Company intends to maintain commercial relations and that require any type of commission.
  • Any other similar case that goes against the principles enunciated through this Policy, or the Code of Ethics.

To verify these commitments, all LOGISTICA CANDIDO, S .L. and TRANSPORTES CANDIDO 2000, S.L workers are required to track all the commercial relations in which the Organization is involved.
Efficient use of resources

LOGISTICA CANDIDO, S .L. and TRANSPORTES CANDIDO 2000, SL, will efficiently manage resources by identifying the specific needs of each Department of the Organization, in order to avoid fraud and dispersion of resources to personal interests or to those of the Company, as well as Security in the processing of personal data

Favours and gifts policy

LOGISTICA CANDIDO, S .L. and TRANSPORTES CANDIDO 2000, SL allow  the delivery to third parties, suppliers or customers of promotional gifts. The company also approves the receipt of promotional gifts of third parties, suppliers or customers.

However, these gifts should be unique and simple details of courtesy, with the sole intention of serve as a sign of care and consideration towards the receiver. They must not represent a costly endeavour for the company or a possible benefit to the recipient. Received gifts should be of symbolic nature, personally and a result of a relationship of trust or friendship, preserving the fairness and professionalism, offering equal opportunities to all suppliers or customers.

The staff of LOGISTICA CANDIDO, S .L. and TRANSPORTES CANDIDO 2000, SL. cannot make gifts on behalf of the company without proper approval from senior management.

Particular field

The company does not distinguish between acts of corruption committed to public administrations and corruption committed between individuals. The ethical and legal obligations of the company cover the employees, representatives and persons related to it and, in addition, third parties with whom LOGISTICA CANDIDO, S .L. and TRANSPORTES CANDIDO 2000, SL. generate or maintain business and trade relations.

Measures and sanctions

Notwithstanding from legal responsibilities, the violation of the anti-corruption policy will be subject to corrective action by the company, including the unilateral termination of the contract of employment. The infringement is considered a serious and constitutive breach with the obligations of the worker.

Complaints and consultations

Staff who detect any indication of breach of the anti-corruption policy, regardless of their degree of relevance, has an obligation to report it in writing to the Director of Social responsibility, or to communicate it immediately to the head of the Department, which shall forward it to the head of Social responsibility, in order to investigate, ask for the clues, and if necessary, present documents with all the information to implement corrective measures.

It is very important not to perform a complaint if there is no truthful evidence of non-compliance with one or several of the described principles. However, it would also be a violation, the omission of the communication relating to a breach. Moral integrity of persons is a fundamental right and it must not be undermined on damaging the rights and reputation of people.

The company will ensure that:

  • Any information provided will be kept under strict confidentiality and the only ones who will have access to it will be those who are necessary a part in the process of research and monitoring.
  • It is a key and fundamental principle the protection and safeguard of their identity and the guarantee of all their rights, as their complaints are made honestly and in good faith.

Social responsibility officer will investigate and track complaints, and will acknowledge the directors of all those cases which, in his opinion, fail to comply with the requirements specified in the anti-corruption policy.

Sanctions and corrective measures will be decided by the head of the Social Responsibility Department. Depending on the severity of the matter, this responsible person will act as set out in the Sectoral General Collective Agreement of Carriage of Passengers by road.


Treatment/processing of non-compliance matters

In the case of having any kind of non-conformity issues, these will be treated according to the following points:


The problem in question will be defined as well as what it entails.


Our worker / driver will define in writing, and documenting with images what has happened. The individual will also explain the cause of the problem and will inform the responsible of the involved Department and the Directors of the company.


With the information provided, the next step will be to gather the reason why and the different causes which have triggered the incident, in order to solve it and to create regulations so that it will not be repeated in the following events.


Once the investigation will be concluded, the appropriate corrective measures will be taken with the objective of avoiding the incident in the future and the practices which have triggered it.


It is crucial to conduct a long monitoring of the corrective actions adopted in order to track the different behaviors of workers / drivers and assure they are performing in the proper manner. 

All these actions are established, documented and detailed in the procedure P84-00-00 of our quality system. Besides, they are properly signed by all the parties involved who, as said, will provide documented and graphic evidences of the incident.


Constantí, January 5th 2017